100 Years of Bauhaus: Reimagining Today’s Biggest Brands

1 Mar 2019
It’s bold, minimal, and functional — and after a hundred years, Bauhaus continues to inspire artists, graphic designers and architects around the world.   
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this one-of-a-kind design revolution, global creative platform 99designs worked with its international community of designers and creative professionals to reimagine today’s biggest brand logos in this now iconic style.  
As early evangelists for minimalism, Bauhaus artists and designers ascribed to a ‘less is more’ aesthetic, adopting a go-to palette of primary colours and reducing imagery down to its bare-bone essentials. They tore up the rule book when it came to typography—they were among the first to set type vertically and diagonally—and following hot on the heels of cubism, incorporated an unbridled enthusiasm for geometry in their work.  
“This project really demonstrates the long-lasting, global impact that Bauhaus has had on artists all over the world. The work featured has been created by designers in more than 10 countries from Argentina, Guatemala and the US, to Russia, Latvia and the UK,” comments Patrick Llewellyn, CEO of 99designs.  
“When the Bauhaus movement began, it was at a time when the world was on the brink of massive technological change. While many artists were worried that mainstream adoption of electricity and mass production would be the end of art as we knew it, the Bauhaus group were instead inspired by the change and progress they saw happening around them.”
“It’s easy to draw parallels with people’s anxiety around things like automation and artificial intelligence today, but it’s inspiring to see how technology can bring together a global community of creative talent and demonstrate how the timeless principles of Bauhaus design still resonate today.”
For examples of Bauhaus-inspired logos and further information on this project visit: 99designs.com/blog/design-history-movements/famous-logos-bauhaus-style/
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