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Design a Mascot: A Happy Walrus

Csavage1 needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 148 designs submitted by 44 freelance designers.


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Winner - Situa
Very professional and well worth the money. Top notch logo and designer thanks Situa!
- Koenigmedia

How Csavage1 started their t-shirt journey

Company name



Wistia is a video hosting, sharing, management, and tracking platform for businesses. We're a fast growing startup based in Massachusetts, just waiting for your awesome designs to help brighten our image.

We have tons of awesome friends who happen to be customers and we'd love to give them a little surprise by putting some t-shirts into their mailboxes.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Internet Marketers, Investors, Friends, Partners


We're looking for a design for a mascot that will start on a t-shirt and if successful will be used in other materials.

The mascot will be a Walrus. Affectionally, we'll call him "Wistia the Walrus." He should represent Wistia by being fun, quirky, and bright.

Wistia the Walrus should look good on a t-shirt and on a website.

Simplicity is the best. The design will be silk screened so try to keep it at 3 colors or less (but 4 would be okay). The Wistia logo (see attached file) should not be the main focal point of the image but can be featured if it feels appropriate.

Elements the design should have:
- a walrus
- the walrus should exude happiness
- see the encouraged color palate in the attached documents. Ideally the walrus should look good in bright colors or on bright colors

Optional but encouraged:
- Something to represent business casual. A tie or button down shirt, etc.
- the slogan "Share video like a boss"

Elements the design should NOT have:
- a play button
- a video player
- anything film related

Designs we like:…e/tab,guys…p/tab,guys…o/tab,guys

You can get a sense for our colors and style at

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