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pchan needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 54 designs submitted by 18 freelance designers.


How pchan started their t-shirt journey

Company name



I work at an industrial equipment dealership and we are trying to generate some excitement and interest in a new, high horsepower stump grinding machine we are now carrying.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Tree service companies, landscapers, land clearing contractors, etc.


I want you to "cartoonize" the stump-cutting machine and bring it to life by making it part beast, part machine, capable of destoying any tree stump it comes up against. It is important that we retain brand recognition, the yellow color and the swoosh striping and the brand name should be retained best you can in the design.

The factory brochure can be downloaded at:…cid=130241

I think the picture on the first page shows the machine in a configuration I think is suited well for cartoonization. For example the cutting wheel could be its teeth, the guard over the cutting wheel would be its upper jaw, the column where the hydraulic motor and hoses are could be its head and then behine that its neck and then main body. Perhaps replace the wheels and tires with monster legs and feet. The operators station should not be included in the graphic.
Perhaps you could include a cartoon stump, rearing back with a look of horror on its "face" trying to get away from StumpZilla.......

Treat the above as a general direction but please feel free to be creative and make suggestions as you see fit. This is my first project on 99 so bear with me.

Additional photos of the machine at:…8041_T57PT

I'll add a few more pics tomorrow (neck extended)

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