Whether you’re a wedding photographer, caterer, event planner or the happy couple themselves—you’ll need to know a thing or two about wedding logos. Not only is it a sure-fire way for wedding businesses to win the hearts of clients, a logo with matrimonial appeal can establish a brand to remember for their day to remember.

A wedding logo can either be a memorable brand mark for a wedding-oriented business or—if you’re the happy couple— it can be a symbol that’s specifically created to represent your wedding. In either case, your wedding logo needs to capture the unique style and feeling you want to bring to that special day.

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve rounded up some handy examples to lift the veil from your eyes. So take a minute to walk down our aisle, smell the digital bouquets, and who knows—you might just find a design style worth committing to.

Calligraphic wedding logos

hand-lettered wedding logo
by T o n k a.

Nothing says intimate like a personal, hand-crafted design. So it makes sense that custom calligraphy and hand-lettering has been a time-honored staple of wedding design.

One niche that calligraphy works especially well for is handmade businesses like cake making. If you want to add a unique touch, communicate a personal dedication or if you own a business with a handmade wedding product, consider calligraphy for your wedding logo.

Modern wedding logos

line art wedding logo
by annielowe.
wedding invitations logo
by JanaKah.

Modern design might not be your first thought for a wedding logo because it lacks the classic serif fonts, elaborate flourishes and the old world sensibility typically associated with weddings. But a modern style is perfect for creating strong and recognizable brands with a flair for innovation, and that’s important for businesses that promise to make their clients’ special day like no one else’s.

The sans serif fonts, bold colors and stripped down palettes communicate a cutting-edge business that not only has fun, but gets the job done with style—exactly what anxious brides and grooms will be seeking. If you want a sleek and classy look for your wedding business—or your wedding day—consider a modern logo.

Ornamental wedding logos

ornamental wedding logo
by annielowe.
Ornamental wedding logo
by RotRed

Ornamental line art showcases decoration, extravagance and celebration (all things you can expect to see at a wedding), so it’s no wonder this style has long been a staple of wedding design. Its natural pairing with weddings makes it a versatile aesthetic that can work for businesses in flower arrangement, wedding planning and, of course, for bride and groom monograms.

Illustrated wedding logos

illustrated cat wedding logo
by ImagineLena.
Illustrative wedding logo
by Sonya Sonches

Illustration is perfect for using design to tell a story—in the case of weddings, that of two people coming together to share a hopeful future. The above illustrations tell their story through the joining of swans, the flourishing and growth of watercolor plants, or the curation of beauty with floral artwork. If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding or if you run a business aimed at helping clients share their own love story with family and friends, consider an illustrated logo.

Vintage wedding logos

ranch wedding logo
by Painted Pony Studios.
Vintage wedding logo
by wadye

Timelessness and tradition are common themes in weddings, and there’s no better way to capture that than with a vintage style. Vintage aesthetics have not only stood the test of time themselves, but they also capture a sense of built-to-last quality—just like a successful marriage!

This approach is often seen in logos for venues which host weddings or for wedding rental services. If you have a beautiful, long-standing venue or rent high quality decorations to weddings, let clients know you’ve been around for a while with a vintage design.

Get yourself a wedding logo you’ll fall in love with

Whether you are planning your own unique wedding or running a business that revolves around weddings—the right logo can communicate exactly what style you are going for. So be sure to pick the one that gives you butterflies!

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