Instagram is no longer just the social platform for sharing your brunch pics or cute pet photos (like Pinterest, but with a little less wedding). Now it’s an actual tool for  anyone in the creative arts to share their portfolio and a place where anyone can find creative inspiration.

Here’s your list (in no particular order) of the hottest Instagram designers that’ll bring beauty, drama and creativity to your day.

1. Tania Samoshkina (telinunu)

Tania Samoshkina (known to us as telinunu) is a New York-based professional artist and illustrator with more than six years of experience. She creates one-of-a-kind designs for clients that showcase her playful aesthetic and sense of joy.

Tania specializes in character design, print design, surface patterns and logotypes—all of which you can find in her feed along with fun posts that mix her cartoon-y characters into real world settings. 

Her simple, unusual details bring her characters to life, and it’s fun to watch her feed to see what they’ll do. You’ll even spot her popping up occasionally, too!

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2. Ashwin Kandan (Shwin)

For a unique, colorful blend of pop art, branding, illustration, typography and editorial design, Ashwin Kandan (aka Shwin), is the person to follow.

Inspiringly bold visuals and interesting color palettes are Ashwin’s MO. And his sense of humor. His portraits of people range from fun and sexy to touchingly sweet, and he’s got a way of delivering a brand concept with a single visual that hits hard.

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3. Neil Stevens

Neil Stevens is an awesome follow if you’re interested in vintage, nostalgic illustrations that still retain a modern feel.

In his illustrations, which are mostly flat, Neil manages to instill depth, life, and motion. You’ll see a range of work here, from the very detailed to the very abstract.

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4. Razvan Vezeteu (RazvanV)

Razvan Vezeteu’s (aka RazvanV) Instagram feed reveals an artist with a respect for both the nostalgic and a modern aesthetic.

The self-taught illustrator and icon designer blends trendy design elements like flat design with just a few eye-catching colors. It all comes to life with different textures to create volume and depth. For inspiration in your illustration game, this is a great feed to follow.

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5. Natalia Maca

Natalia Maca is a UK-based digital illustrator and graphic designer. She is a storytelling artist who expresses key messages visually in her work. Natalia specializes in editorial illustration, publishing, advertising and T-shirt design.

natalia maca instagram designer

She uses a similar color palette for most of her work, so her IG profile looks very consistent and pleasing to scroll through. Many of her illustrations are flat and often have very delicate textures.

Using a slightly more subdued color palette, Natalia allows the detail in her work to tell the story with illustrations that have their own unique, surrealistic style.

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6. Eli Hyder

You like Star Wars, right? Of course you do, who doesn’t?! Eli Hyder’s work features high comic-like style Sci-Fi concepts, including lots of Star Wars inspired designs.

These digital illustrations have a watercolor and occasionally an ink feel, which connects to the comic genre.

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7. Zombijana Bones

Zombijana Bones (Andrijana to her friends) is a visual artist from Montenegro full of colorful and quirky humor.

She is a traditional pen and ink illustrator with a funny, unorthodox style, which produces humorous hand-drawn illustrations that are cute and unexpected all at once. Her handwritten notes add a genuine feeling, and the overall effect of her comics is a perfect balance of sweet and dark.

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8. Steven Harrington

Follow Steven Harrington for his bright and iconic style or his wacky sense of humor. Either way, you’ll be rewarded.

Steven’s style is very psychedelic-pop, with a distinct aesthetic, cartoonish characters, and loads of humor.

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9. Pablo Gerardo Camacho

Surreal and hypnotic, Venezuelan graphic designer Pablo Camacho’s Instagram feed will satisfy your appetite for the unusual.

It’s easy to see that illustration is among Pablo’s main interests. But motion graphics, typography and editorial design are up there, too. In this feed, you’ll find carefully placed details in illustrations that change their meaning significantly—the work of a creative trickster.

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10. Thomas Burden

Thomas Burden is the right IG to follow if you’re intrigued by the idea of claymation meets graphic design in a flurry of bright colors and 3D.

The work here features playful, fun, and engaging imagery influenced by toys, fairgrounds, and neon signage. Their designs have a very colorful, cheerful look and a three-dimensional feel.

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11. Andrea (Mky)

Romanian designer Andrea (aka Mky) specializes in logo design and lettering, along with all things colorful, cute and quirky.

Andrea plays with typography a lot in her work, offering up loads of flowery patterns and unusually shaped letters. Her very colorful creations will add a boost of energy to your feed.

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12. June Digan

June Digan loves colorful, detailed watercolor illustrations and hand-lettering, and many of her creations feature both of those elements.

Recently June has been creating a series with an illustration of a different city in the background for every letter of the alphabet. Each creation is limited to 80 minutes, which is incredible given the results.

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13. Dhamas Adhitya (Demonic™)

Indonesian artist Dhamas Adhitya (aka Demonic™) creates stunning brand identities, illustrations, product labels, t-shirt designs, and emblem logos.

Dhamas’ work is very detailed and typically has a vintage, yet epic feel. Although his illustrations are digital, he achieves a classical ink style with his designs.

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14. Yukai Du

Yukai Du creates both still images and animations using brilliant blocks of colors and interesting patterns.

The designs can come off as deceptively simple at first—drawing the viewer in only to slowly reveal their complexity. For a boost of inspiration on how colors and patterns can work together in a holistic way, check out this feed.

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15. Marko Matović (LittleFox)

Serbian graphic designer Marko Matovic (aka LittleFox) loves working on anything connected to illustrations—from simple icons to complicated infographics.

Marko has a playful style that is bright and colorful with lots of attention to detail. His cheerful and detailed illustrations and infographics make use of the interplay between flat design and exciting colors.

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16. Maja Säfström

For pen and ink illustrations of unique, cute characters, follow Maja Säfström.

Maja prints many of her illustrations on fabrics as well as papers, and eventually uses watercolors to add color to some of them. These are “warm and fuzzy” illustrations without being cloying or silly, which is an art in itself.

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17. Steven Mink

Steven Mink (aka stvmink) is an Indonesian designer and artist who specializes in creative typography design and hand lettering.

instagram designer to follow

For Steven Mink, typography is a passion. Type isn’t something that should merely be readable. It should be beautiful and inspiring. Most of the original fonts they create have vintage and nostalgic flavors, and they overlay them onto photographs or within illustrations.

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18. Josh Emrich

If Mad Men was a comedy, it would look like Josh Emrich’s work. His creations have a vintage look and a very nostalgic late 50s and early 60s feel—with the occasional surreal nature illustration thrown in.

His detailed characters have a lot of personality. This is a great follow for anyone who simply loves art and design and wants to look at something beautiful or amazing every day.

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19. Helen Li

Helen Li creates wild, funky, and humorous illustrations rife with interesting details. Bright colors and surreal shapes and expressions are the mainstay of these scenes.


Her earlier posts are funny, smart and really push the boundaries of design. You can expect to see something completely different if you follow this artist.

helen li instagram designer

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20. James White

James White’s IG feed is like a Sci-Fi, neon version of the 80s, plus surreal modern details.

signal noise instagram

For example, you’re likely to see things like Robocop in Miami Vice colors, along with portraits of Game of Thrones characters in a similar style. So not “Totally 80s,” a very interesting mix that ends up feeling like its own genre.

signal noise instagram designer

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