The biggest YoorallaTEE design contest to date wrapped up last week and we’re excited to announce the winners! Yooralla is one of Australia’s oldest and largest disability service providers and has been providing support to people with disability since 1918. With this contest, launched in partnership with Yooralla, Arts Triangle, Dangerfield and The Father Bob Maguire Foundation as a special edition of our 99nonprofits program, we helped to encourage positive images of disability through design. Artists, illustrators and graphic designers answered the call and showcased their talent in support of this great cause.

We received a whopping 1,863 entries from nearly 500 designers around the globe. The winners will receive a $200 cash prize and a $500 gift voucher to spend at Dangerfield, where the t-shirt designs will be produced and sold. Thanks to everyone who voted and congratulations to the 10 winning designs!

Have a look at the winning t-shirt designs below – and don’t forget to read the designers’ take on the theme “Beyond the Disability.”

YoorallaTEE #1

Design by N24

“A couple of years ago I participated in a charity wheelchair basketball tournament with a friend’s team. I was amazed by the skills of the players and the experience made a lasting impression; so much so that when I read the theme for this contest, I immediately thought of this concept. This is a great cause run by passionate people and I am really glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the contest this year.”


design 2

Design by elang.prakoso

“This is a girl in a wheelchair, flying over the city. It means that whoever you are, you can still fulfill your dreams.”


design 3

Design by Giulio Rossi

“I was immediately captured by the theme “Beyond the Disability.” What an unusual concept for a t-shirt design! I asked myself to reflect on how the theme is usually represented and I believe that there’s often a lack of “coolness” in its depictions. In my opinion disability has a poor public presence in terms of sensuality and cool attitude and that’s what I tried to change with my design.”


design 4

Design by elang.prakoso

“The theme of the contest is very meaningful, and it can cheer up our friends who have disabilities. That’s why I decided to participate in this contest.”


design 5

Design by Njvidler

“To me this design symbolizes connection and brotherhood. I chose this concept because everybody has this connection with somebody and everyone has their own unique way of showing it.”


Design 7

Design by _Trickster_

“The theme was challenging! My main concept is about pushing the limits and not just dreaming, but moving forward to reaching that dream. Everyone wishes to reach the moon and in this illustration I tried to show that nothing is impossible. I really wanted to be a part of this great contest.”


design 6

Design by Njvidler

“The concept I was going for was “disability can’t stop how metal you are.” This is the kind of guy who goes to shows and goes crowd surfing in his chair. He’s living life to its fullest!”


design 8

Design by Wayne Screw

“I decided to join this contest because it was a great competition. My mother is a social worker so the theme of this contest is dear to my heart.”


design 9

Design by The Surebe

“This design shows Santa Claus in his wheelchair carrying out his duties properly and unhindered. I joined this contest because it posed a challenge and wanted to contribute by providing inspiration.”


design 10

Design by Sof.t

“I wanted my design to communicate the overcoming of disability not through an obvious or shocking image, but through an inspiring and positive one. Everyone can relate to an animal’s strength and its capability of overcoming problems with a positive and uplifting attitude. This contest reminded me that we should live one day at a time and enjoy the good and important moments. It was a great opportunity to be part of a meaningful initiative.”

Which YoorallaTEE design is your favorite?